ABACUS for CPL(A) & (H)
Passing the EASA Commercial Pilot License (CPL) theoretical knowledge examinations for Aeroplanes or Helicopters is an important step in your aviation career.

Aerosolutions is well aware of the difficulty most future pilots have studying EASA Part-FCL theoretical knowledge syllabus requirements. Not only do many pilots require assistance to revise their Private Pilot theory, they also need to have the new concepts in CPL presented in an easy to understand format.

ABACUS CPL is an online test preparation product to make sure that you are ready to take the EASA examinations. The ABACUS CPL question database portrays a true reflection of questions from the EASA Central Question Bank (ECQB). All questions are generated in line with the syllabus and subject modules for each subject. Abacus can emulate the precise form and scope of the EASA Part-FCL examination papers presented to students by a National Aviation Authority.

ABACUS CPL contains over 6.000 questions and includes the following powerful tools and features to assist you while you are studying:

  • Practice tests at your own pace, in your own time.
  • Take sample tests that emulate actual JAA examinations.
  • Review test results at all times.
  • Discuss questions or topics with other users.
  • Monitor your progress in time.
  • Free updates on a regular basis.

ABACUS CPL is available for individual users, training organizations and governmental entities.

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