Exam Preparation for the Private Pilot's License
Preparing for the EASA PPL theoretical knowledge examinations' ABACUS PPL sets the standard for high quality, efficient test preparation.

Passing the ground examinations requires two types of preparation. You must first study thoroughly all the subjects in the different theoretical knowledge disciplines. Then you should familiarize yourself with the level of difficulty and style of the PPL examination questions themselves. ABACUS PPL is designed to help you learn the material and score highly on your test in the most efficient manner possible.

With our PPL test prep software, you don't have to worry about having an out of date version. Our database is regularly updated so that you always have the latest and greatest available versions of the software and data.

Using ABACUS PPL, you can test yourself on individual examination subjects, or attempt a complete PPL-style examination paper.

The following subjects are covered:

  • Air Law & ATC Procedures
  • Operational Procedures
  • Human Performance & Limitations
  • Navigation
  • Meteorology
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Flight Performance & Planning
  • Communications
  • Principles of Flight

ABACUS PPL is available for individual users, training organizations and governmental entities.

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Aerosolutions is looking for operational assessors
To reinforce its assessor team, Aerosolutions is looking for external Operational Assessors.
Over 20,000 candidates have now completed the Aerosolutions English Language Proficiency Test
More than 20,000 Aviation English Language Proficiency tests (ELP) were taken in the past years, making our ELP test one of the most widely used in the world. It is recognized by leading airlines, aviation training academies and language institutes.
Aerosolutions announces new ELP Test for Air Traffic Controllers
Aerosolutions today announced a new online-based Aviation English Language Proficiency Test (ELP Test) for Air Traffic Controllers (ATCOs) satisfying the ICAO Language Proficiency Standards and the EASA regulations.
SFA chooses Aerosolutions
Aerosolutions has signed an agreement with the Safe Flight Academy.
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