The English Language Proficiency Test for Aviation
To address the safety concern raised by accidents and incidents in which communication played a key role, the International Civil Aviation Organisation has mandated new standards of English. By 5 March 2008, pilots and air traffic controllers were required by ICAO to have a certificate attesting to their proficiency in the language used for aeronautical communication.

The English Language Proficiency Test (ELP Test) has been developed by Aerosolutions to assess Pilots for licensing purposes. It was specifically designed to comply with the principles and guidelines embodied in the Manual on the Implementation of Language Proficiency Requirements by ICAO.

The ELP Test, which is used to assess speaking and listening proficiency in both ICAO radio phraseology and plain English, evaluates language proficiency in the six Proficiency Criteria (for the six ICAO levels):

  • Pronunciation
  • Structure
  • Vocabulary
  • Fluency
  • Comprehension
  • Interactions

The ELP Test consists of THREE PARTS:

The LISTENING COMPREHENSION & R/T THEORY SECTION (Part I) measures your ability to understand English in both routine and non-routine situations and assesses your theoretical knowledge of radiotelephony. The ability to understand English in various situations and to recognize and understand communications in both plain English and phraseology is measured during an online test. This online test consists of traditional multiple-choice questions with four answer choices. Your theoretical knowledge of radiotelephony is measured using a traditional paper-based test.

The online-delivered SPEAKING SECTIONn (Part II) assesses how effectively you can communicate in English and measures your ability to respond to different aviation related situations and tasks. You will be required to listen and respond to questions and/or provide information. All responses are recorded for later rating by a linguistic and operational assessor.

The online-conducted INTERACTIVE COMMUNICATION SECTION (Part III) assesses how effectively you can communicate in English in non-routine and emergency situations and includes the correct use of standard ICAO phraseology, making an appropriate response to a question or a message, resolving misunderstandings, negotiating a developing unusual situation, making a verbal report in English, and producing extended speech in an aviation context. The interactive part of the test is assessor-led.

Across all areas of test delivery, test administration and test results, the ELP Test is secure. Every aspect of the ELP Test is subject to the highest quality controls and integrity management practices. Rating and reporting processes are controlled by accredited Aerosolutions personnel. The performance of each Rater is regularly monitored and evaluated.

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