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ICARUS is a Web-based Learning Management System that provides complete solutions for managing and tracking all types of training at your organization - from e-Learning courses to traditional classroom training and self-paced study programs. The ICARUS LMS includes extensive testing and assessment tools, reporting, management, communication and collaboration tools, and quality control capabilities - all in one integrated database application that is highly scalable to precisely meet your organization's needs.

ICARUS provides a standard library of digital lesson plans for ATPL, CPL, IR and PPL theoretical knowledge training aligned with the European licensing regulations. These lessons are unique because they combine online content with collaborative group activities into a structured "flow" of student tasks. Courses are specifically adapted to allow student-teacher interaction, student tests, course monitoring, and on-line registration and evaluation systems.

Training manuals can be integrated into the LMS allowing you to use your in-house developed course material. The built-in Study Diary lays out the breakdown of what the students should read and when, together with the expected maximum duration of study. It also lists which question papers to take and when, as well as notifying when an Assessment is due.

Our Controlled Learning Management System delivers proctored training over the Internet and allows custom content based on user login. The following features are included:

  • A rapid web-based content development tool
  • Access to our very popular ABACUS question bank
  • Class creation and grouping
  • Export of test and assessment results
  • Flexible tracking and reporting capabilities
  • Monitoring student activities through a web-based graphical interface
  • Ability to modify any of the lessons if desired, or create new lessons
The system is accessible from anywhere that has an Internet connection whether it is in the school, at home or on the road.

To find out more on how our Online Learning Management System ICARUS can be the backbone of your training programs, please contact our direcly at info@aerosolutions.be

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