Major update for ABACUS ATPL/CPL/IR
Aerosolutions has announced a major update release for its Online Learning Platform ABACUS, providing student pilots with thousands of questions to help them prepare for the theoretical knowledge examination in accordance with the applicable requirements of Part-FCL.

Passing the EASA theoretical knowledge examinations for Aeroplanes or Helicopters is an important step in a pilot’s aviation career. The ABACUS Online Learning Platform was designed to dramatically improve student’s success in passing these examinations. The ABACUS ATPL, CPL and IR question databases portray a true reflection of questions from the EASA Central Question Bank (ECQB). The Online Learning Platform can emulate the precise form and scope of the EASA Part-FCL examination papers presented to students by a National Aviation Authorities.

The major update release brings a number of feature enhancements including easier system navigation, several user interface changes and a major question bank update. Course creators can also import their existing questions into ABACUS.

"We are constantly listening to our users and customers around the world, and features added in this release are a direct result of our interactions with them," said Joelle Haerens, director marketing of Aerosolutions. "After the introduction of JAR-FCL in 2003 Aerosolutions was the first in the market to introduce an online assessment platform for student pilots and over the last ten years our ABACUS Learning Platform has been used by thousands of customers worldwide."

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