Products and competences
For many years, Aerosolutions has been developing aviation products for the training of pilots. Our training solutions allow pilots to benefit from online-based training during all phases of the training process.

With its Online Training Center, Aerosolutions offers you the ideal platform to receive training whenever and wherever you like. It is your home base for first-class aviation training using the Internet - accessible day and night from any PC.

At present, Aerosolutions offers the following comprehensive series of online products and services for all kinds of pilot training including initial, recurrent, refresher and license conversion training:

All our online training products are continuously refined and expanded in close collaboration with training organisations and aviation authorities worldwide. We ensure that our training products are always up-to-the-minute and oriented towards the latest aviation requirements.

Aerosolutions is looking for operational assessors
To reinforce its assessor team, Aerosolutions is looking for external Operational Assessors.
Over 20,000 candidates have now completed the Aerosolutions English Language Proficiency Test
More than 20,000 Aviation English Language Proficiency tests (ELP) were taken in the past years, making our ELP test one of the most widely used in the world. It is recognized by leading airlines, aviation training academies and language institutes.
Aerosolutions announces new ELP Test for Air Traffic Controllers
Aerosolutions today announced a new online-based Aviation English Language Proficiency Test (ELP Test) for Air Traffic Controllers (ATCOs) satisfying the ICAO Language Proficiency Standards and the EASA regulations.
SFA chooses Aerosolutions
Aerosolutions has signed an agreement with the Safe Flight Academy.
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