More than just training
The English Language Rater Training Course is designed to prepare English language trainers to be able to rate according to the ICAO language proficiency scale.

The one-week course will be a practical course and contains a series of workshops focusing on:
  • Key issues in language testing
  • Analyzing key areas of ICAO document 9835
  • The ICAO Proficiency Rating Scale
  • Understanding and applying the ICAO English language descriptors
  • Developing skills in assessing spoken language
  • Practical exercises in rating speech samples
  • Designing a testing system
  • The use of Aerosolutions’ English Language Proficiency Test

Our Course for English Language Raters is conducted in a classroom environment and can be delivered on-site. All trainees are certified upon the successful completion of training.

Who benefits from this Course?

This course is aimed at experienced non-native and native English language teaching professionals who are currently teaching Aviation English and who want to be able to rate according to the ICAO Language Proficiency Scale.

For more information this Course, please contact us directly at

Oman Air extends contract with Aerosolutions
Oman Air and Aerosolutions have reached an agreement to extend the contract for the use of the ELP Test for another five years.
More than 40.000 pilots have taken the ELP Test
Since 2008, the Aerosolutions ELP Test has been used by airlines and aviation training centers worldwide.
Aerosolutions is looking for operational assessors
To reinforce its assessor team, Aerosolutions is looking for external Operational Assessors.
Over 20,000 candidates have now completed the Aerosolutions English Language Proficiency Test
More than 20,000 Aviation English Language Proficiency tests (ELP) were taken in the past years, making our ELP test one of the most widely used in the world. It is recognized by leading airlines, aviation training academies and language institutes.
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